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Life always comes full circle

Posted by Bold Apps on

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Don't you just love those moments in your life when things come full circle.

Back in Mid 2018 I created to what could only be described as an overwhelming beginning. Quite incredible really with hundreds of orders in the first 2 months. This was all in a period when I had time away from work and well that time was definitely coming to an end. What a dream to have unlimited time to devote to a passion. Anyway life and other commitments finally caught up and back to the workforce I went.

Well i'm sure you already understand the consequences for .. Less time less energy .. I understand the universality of energy flow and over time my ability to promote my passion equalled the amount of energy given back to me. Still the orders came, enough to at least see survive through to a time where I could devote love to it again. An unfortunate situation at work forced me to leave what I considered a dangerous situation. This situation hit me hard as many of you also understand the financial lock that occurs in life, a new mortgage, commitment to a young lady (the teenager), partner friends. Thankfully I have always lived within means so no crippling hp debt.

Well I picked up quite a bit of work fixing databases close by, and I really liked the work but still that passion was missing. As with most of my major decisions in life it occurred over a coffee .. I decided to once again commit 100% to and finally and happily take the enormous leap of faith. Certainly not the first time in my life but never easy to do. I looked within and found my faith so here we go on another ride of a lifetime .. I love womens fashion so I am going to be directing on that path. I have already secured some amazing suppliers for ladies shoes so I will focus on that initially ... But watch this space .. Sending love and light

Michael @ - 21 June 2019


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